Davorka Pšenica

IMG_4903Mr. Sc. Davorka Pšenica
National and University Library, Zagreb

Mr. Sc. Davorka Pšenica, Master of Social Sciences graduated from the Faculty of Political Science in Zagreb where she gained her masters degree in the field of Information Science and Communication. She works as Librarian Advisor at the National and University Library in Zagreb (NSK).

She worked closely with the Croatica collection at the NSK’s Current Bibliography Department and at the Information Department, where she was in charge of the collection of social sciences. Davorka works with CIP program in Croatia.

As Head of Public Relations, Davorka establishes the foundations of corporate communications and organizes a series of conferences and exhibitions on the topic. Since 2010, she works as an editor of Glas NSK journal. She actively participates in numerous professional and scientific conferences and publishes works in scientific and professional journals in the field of librarianship, cultural heritage and communication sciences. She organized and conducted a workshop on promoting cultural tourism within the framework of the AKM Seminar (Archives, Libraries, Museums – Possibilities of Cooperation in the Global Information Infrastructure Environment).

Davorka is a member and one of the founders of the Croatian Library Association’s Section for Advocacy. In cooperation with Edita Bačić and Alemka Belan Simić she holds workshops on Public Advocacy for Libraries I and II at the Center for Continuous Professional Training of Librarians. She is a president of the Section for Free Access to Information and the Freedom of Expression of the Croatian Library Association.

Davorka’s interest in free access to information, freedom of expression, protection of intellectual freedom and privacy is best seen through her work in the Section and organization of a number of round tables, and as author of the texts and editors of the proceedings, welcomed the free access to information. He is a member of IFLA’s Section for Freedom of Access to Information and Freedom of Expression (FAIFE / IFLA).