Mašo Mehmedović

Pre-conference facilitator, December 13, 2017

Mašo Mehmedović

Mašo Mehmedović completed his undergraduate and master studies in Comparative Literature and Library Science at the Faculty of Philosophy, University of Sarajevo (2013), and obtained the academic title of Master of Comparative Literature and Library Science. He worked as a trainee-librarian at the Public Library in Srebrenik, where, in addition to working with library patrons, he participated in the organization of cultural events and radio shows for children.

Mašo Mehmedović is awarded the Kemal Bakaršić Foundation Award in 2016 for his engagement in advocacy and lobbying for the status of unemployed graduate librarians, and launching an initiative to raise questions about the library profession in the public space. He is currently finalizing his work on a documentary film about librarianship in Bosnia and Herzegovina, which aims to make a general overview of the state of librarianship, and to stress the importance and role of libraries as public institutions. He is the founder of an informal group – Pokret za narodnooslobodilačko bibliotekarstvo BiH.

He writes short stories, poems and drama. He was a technical editor and designer of several books and magazines including: “Bilten sindikata”, “Sindikalni izazovi”, “Ševak”, “Ogledalce” and others.