Wednesday, December 13

University Library Belgrade, Francophone Centre (2nd floor)

09:30-10:00Registration (for signed-up Workshop participants)

10:00-13:00Workshop: Advocating for libraries – facilitators: Davorka Pšenica and EditaBačić (Croatia)

13:00-14:00 –  Lunch break

14:00-17:00Unconference: Mašo Mehmedović (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

18:00-22:00 – Social Event: Silent Disco (University Library) ⭐

Thursday, December 14

National Library of Serbia

10:00-12:00 – Registration of participants, setting up posters

12:00-13:00 – Ceremonial SLA Assembly in honour of the 70th anniversary 1947-2017
Opening speech
SLA award ceremony for 2017
Ceremonial speech in honour of the SLA 70th anniversary: Svetlana Jančić
Music break
1. F. Mendelssohn String Quartet No 6 in F minor, Op. 80, 2nd movement
2. S. Prokofjev: gudački kvartet F-dur br. 2, op. 92
String quartet: Vojin Aleksić, violin, Tamara Tanasković, violin, Jelena Antić, viola, Tamara Ranković, cello

13:00-13:15 – Opening session
Ms Karla Robin Hershey, UN Resident Coordinator in Serbia
Ms Gloria Perez Salmeron, IFLA President (video greetings)

13:15-13:45Keynote speaker  : Loida Garcia-Febo (USA), “Together we can: Empowering ourselves to advocate in challenging times”

14:00-14:30 – Coffee break

14:30-15:00Keynote speaker: Barbara Schleihagen (Germany), “Strike while the iron is hot:Lobbying for libraries in times of digital transformation”

15:15-16:30 –  First session
Māra Jēkabsone (Latvia) – “Legal and social framework of library advocacy inLatvia”
Constantinescu Nicolaie (Romania) – “Libraries: a living hub for specialists andcreative support for the public”
Martinicka, Alzbeta and Pracharova, Zuzana (Slovakia) – “Training programs and experience in the Slovak National Library”
Tamara Butigan Vučaj (Serbia) – “Broadening the field of struggle: Advocacyfor libraries in Serbia with the EU”
Daniela Skoković (Serbia) – “Bibliocyclists”
Vinka Jelić Balta, Ljiljana Vugrinec and Romana Horvat (Croatia) – “Library Association of Bilgora, Podravina and Kalničko prigorje”
Platinum sponsor presentation

16:00-17:00Poster session:
Ratka Vučković (Serbia) – “The green story of the Public Library Užice“
Bernadica Ivanković (Serbia) – “Book activism of the City Library Subotica”
Elisabeth Collin (France) and Daniela Skoković (Serbia) – “Cyclo-biblio”
Milica Matijević and Violeta Đorđević (Serbia) – “Artists as partners in advocating and lobbying for libraries”
Mirjana Nešić (Serbia) – “AV, AR, QR, VR, youR? Digital technologies andwhat to do with them”
Tamara Radojičić (Serbia) – “Involving parents in programme activities of theSchool Library”

17:00-18:30 – Dinner (NLS Atrium)

18:30-20:30 – Social event: A visit to the Book and Travel Museum, Belgrade ⭐
Registration for the visit via:

Friday, December 15

National Library of Serbia

09:00-10:00 – Registration

10:00-10:30Keynote speaker: Nenad Vasić (Serbia), “From a book to a library in the modern world: A story about lobbying”

10:30-10:45 – Short movie “Pokret za narodnooslobodilačko bibliotekarstvo” by Mašo Mehmedović, Bosnia and Herzegovina

10:45-12:30Second session
Presentation: Gold sponsor
Dragana Milunović (Serbia) – “Librarians, spread your field of fight! eIFLproject “Advocating for libraries””
Slađana Galuška (Serbia) – “The role of the Serbian Association of School Librarians in advocacy and promotion”
Elizabeta Georgiev (Serbia) – “A multicultural library – what is this all about: advocating, promoting, lobbying at the Library Detko Petrov in Dimitrovgrad”
Vesna Milosavljević (Serbia) – “Educational workshops for children as a meansof lobbying for libraries”
Vesna Filipović (Serbia) – “The role of a library section in advocating, lobbyingand promoting the work of a School Library”

11:00-15:00Workshop: Presentation skills, facilitator Relja Dereta (NLS, Room 105) – mandatory registration via:

12:30-13:00Opening of the Exhibition „ALS-SLA-1947-2017“ and a group photo session of the Conference participants (the hall in front of the Central reading room)

13:00-14:00 –  Lunch break

14:00-15:30Third session
Bojana Radenković Šošić, Jelena Kovačević and Ljiljana Macura (Serbia)  –“Libraries as a conceptual basis for themed guided tours”
Bogdan Trifunović (Serbia) – “Using public and media space for the purpose of advocating based on the example of the new Library building in Čačak”
Zorka Stojanović and Danijela Božičković Radulović (Serbia) – “MediaPositioning of a Library for the local community”
Anna Pensaert (England) and Radmila Milinković (Serbia) – “Advocating formusic: connecting with Serbia”
Dušica Murić, Biljana Ristović and Gordana Bacotić (Serbia) – “From a goodidea, through a compelling story toward obtaining funding”
Nadica Kostić and Bojana Mitić (Serbia) – “Read, read, read”

14:00-15:30 – Poster session

15:30-16:00 – Closing session

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Music programme was supported by the Faculty of Music in Belgrade and the National Library of Serbia